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Construction is hard work.
Getting paid should be easy!

Cash flow is king in any business.
The U.S. construction industry trades $2.1 trillion annually, still heavily dependent on paper checks, paper invoices and other antiquated documentation methods.

For each project, dozens, if not hundreds, of checks payable to vendors suppliers, trades, crews, and others while YOU WAIT to get on draws, wait on bank holds, confirmation of lien waivers. And all the while doing everything to protect your credit lines, your reputation, and your sanity.


Meanwhile... The inefficiencies of getting paid and making payments really add up.

Here are just four examples:

#1. Antiquated paper-based processes.

#2. Communication issues.

#3. Payment Delays.

#4. Technology Gap.

All equal wasted time, and lower profits.

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Inefficiency #1 - Paper-based processes:

Manual paperwork:
Many transactions still rely on paper invoices, checks, and lien waivers, leading to slow processing, lost documents, and errors.

Disorganized documentation:
Lack of a centralized system for documents makes it difficult to track and verify work completed, leading to disputes and delayed payments.

Multiple parties involved:
Complex chain of command with owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers creates confusion and slows down payment approvals.

Inefficiency #2 - Communication Issues:

Poor communication:
Unclear contracts, change orders not properly documented, and slow response times hinder timely payment processing.

Lack of transparency:
Trades often receive limited information about the payment process and reasons for delays, leading to frustration and distrust.

Disconnected parties:
Different parties use different communication channels, making it difficult to coordinate and track payments.

Inefficiency #3 - Payment Delays:

Slow payment terms:
Long net payment terms (e.g., 30-60 days) strain cash flow for trades and suppliers, hindering their ability to reinvest and grow.

Retention clauses:
Holding back a portion of payment until project completion creates financial constraints for smaller businesses.

Disputes and liens:
Disagreements over work completed or change orders lead to lengthy disputes and lien filings, further delaying payments.

Inefficiency #4 - Technology Gap:

Outdated systems:
Many companies rely on legacy accounting software, hindering integration with payment platforms and automation.

Lack of digital adoption:
Resistance to new technologies like e-invoices, electronic lien waivers, and blockchain-based payment solutions slow down the pace of modernization.

Cybersecurity concerns:
Security risks associated with online transactions deter some companies from adopting digital payment methods.


As construction business owners ourselves, we set out to build a BETTER way.

We wanted:

- BETTER cash flow.
- BETTER efficiency.
- BETTER transparency.

So we did. This is ProWallet®
Constructions ONLY Banking App. 
Mobile App and Desktop Payment Platform with Debit Card


ProWallet® solves these problems:

Antiquated Paper-based processes are a thing of the past

ProWallet® allows digital wallets with instant payments, creating efficiency for builders, trades, crews, and suppliers.

• Quickly setup, manage accounts w/ FDIC insurance coverage
• Send / request payments with large transaction limits
• Send payments requiring a lien waiver to be signed at all payment levels
• Send joint-payments to multiple recipients
• Schedule payments to be sent at a later day and time
• Debit card to instantly access funds in wallet
• Deposit cash / cash-out funds at local businesses


Eliminate cash transactions to crews.
Helping you keep more money in your pocket.

In over 90,000 locations. ProWallet’s debit card enables instant electronic payment, eliminating the need for cash payments and transactions, all while furtherprotecting the trade, builder, and lender from potential liens.

ProWallet’s debit card eliminates the need for crews to pay outrageous fee’s to access their money, keeping their hard-earned pay in their pocket.

ProWallet’s debit card allows easy access to cash, if desired, by partnering with Walmart as a place to convert their ProWallet wallet funds to cash much like an ATM.



From Lenders to Contractors receive all information about each payment, including lien waivers and additional details related to the project.

With the ProWallet® platform, communication channels are synced making it easy to coordinate and track payments.

Including sharing invoices, video, images w/ time and geo-stamps. 

Builders have transparency to ALL lien waivers attached to the project.



ProWallet® keeps everyone in the loop. This allows for all parties involved:

Title Companies,
And more…
all to get paid faster and increase loyalty, retain labor, and build strategic partnerships that increase business and profits, while reducing overall costs and build times.

The Real Difference Maker-
Protect Your Business

ProWallet revolutionizes the lien waiver process!

Builders and their lenders currently protect themselves only at the first level of payment, typically to their trade contractor, leaving their projects susceptible to liens from numerous other parties.

What if a trade contractor, that has been paid in full by the builder, fails to pay their suppliers and crews?

ProWallet’s electronic payment process not only allows for all parties to be paid instantly, it also requires lien waiver security from ALL parties, including the trade, their suppliers, and their crews to receive payment, removing the risk of 2nd and 3rd tier liens being placed on projects even though the initial trade was paid in full from the builder.

ProWallet also offers the protection of “two party” payments, without the need to manage signatures on a paper check.

Simply execute “two party” protection electronically, with each party signing off on their respective payment.

Ready to get started? Have more questions? 

CEO and Founder Trac Stephenson -
Let's talk. 303.681.4467

The ProWallet Team

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