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The launching of our new payment platform for Construction is imminent. Join our Waiting List.

Construction is hard work.
Getting paid should be easy.

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ProWallet is Reinventing How Construction Gets Paid.  
The end to end solution for Builders, Trades, and Crews.


Join our waiting list.
We promise it will be worth the wait. 

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Say goodbye to profit killing, archaic, inefficient, payment processes. Say Hello! to ProWallet.

ProWallet is for 

How can builders better utilize their accounting staff’s time?


How do builders eliminate
AP / AR postage costs?

Why do builders assume the risk of
their trades paying their bills?

Why are joint checks considered
to be “cutting edge” technology?

ProWallet is for 

Why are trades spending time driving to builders to exchange paper
lien waivers for paper checks?

Why are trades forced to finance
cash flow to pay their crews?

Why are trades obligated to write
checks, or make cash payments, to their crews?

ProWallet is for 

Why are crews having to
leave job sites to collect paper

Why are crews having to pay
check cashing stores to get their money?

Why are crews utilizing cash
for their purchases, rather than debit cards?


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